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WildStar’s Bay of Betrayal Gives You Mind Powers

WildStar’s Matt Tobiason, leader of Carbine’s Adventures team, goes into depth about the Bay of Betrayal in the latest Deep Dive — this will be the new Adventure coming with the Invasion: Nexus update which is currently available on the public test realm.

WildStar Invasion: Nexus - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Adventurers will be granted technopathic abilities to help them in a race against groups of Ascendancy competitors. Players will need to use the environment around them to help them on their way to victory. The cool part of this Adventure is that group coordination will be key, as with many things in WildStar, however, the Bay of Betrayal’s difficulty level will be tailored to the amount of medals your group has previously achieved. So the more your group improves, the tougher the challenge will be. This should provide the right difficulty level for all kinds of WildStar players.

As for the technopathic abilities, players will be able to control Eldan technology with the power of their mind, siphoning energy from power sources in order to use it to interact with all kinds of Eldan technology. Players will be sent to Levian Bay to deal with the leader of the Ascendancy, Calidor Antevian. Once there, infiltrating Ascendancy ranks and pitting themselves against other acolytes in competition to become Antevian’s right hand will be the path to victory and all of the loots! Carbine have upped the quality of the gear granted from this Adventure due to its challenging nature and much of it will be on par with the lower-end Veteran Dungeon rewards which will be unique to the Bay of Betrayal.

Carbine really hope that the Bay of Betrayal will be one of the most re-playable Adventures in WildStar to date. It can’t be long until the Invasion: Nexus update now, right guys?


Source: WildStar Deep Dive

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