The Witch Puts A Spell On Skyforge

The Witch, master of the arcane arts, lands in Skyforge just in time for Halloween. Witches are skilled manipulators of battle who can bend enemies to their will.

With two different stances, Curse & Extermination, the Witch can switch between high-damaging abilities, damage over time, and spreading disease. The Curse stance focuses on corrupting a single enemy and then spreading that damage to the remaining enemies. Extermination, on the other hand, focuses on building stacks of Taint and then inflicting massive damage.


Mastering both of these stances is key to maximizing the Witch’s potential because the Curse stance can be used to build stacks of Taint and then the Extermination Stance can utilize that to do an extreme amount of damage.

Overall, the Witch is a highly mobile class that can punish groups of enemies who stick together. Although, the Witch is one of the more fragile classes in the game, skilled players can stay at a far distance and pick off foes.

“Many arts were abandoned as Aelion’s technological development grew more advanced until reaching the levels we now commonly overlook in our daily lives. There are few who know about this ancient sortilege and even less that comprehend the true power behind it. As archaic as these summoning rituals and chalk-drawn circles may appear, there is no mistaking the horrifying potential Witchcraft can have on a feeble creature’s body and mind.” – Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Source: Obsidian Entertainment

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