WonderKing enters Open Beta with Service in Europe

WonderKing Enters Open Beta and Commercial service in Europe

SevenOne and Bigpoint Join to deliver WonderKing to Europe

Korea- January 21, 2010 —œ SBS Contents Hub announced that its 2D side-scrolling free-to-play MMO WonderKing began Open Beta Test (OBT) and Commercial service in Europe.

WonderKing is developed by Ruy & Soft and published by its regional publishing partner SevenOne.

After series of Closed Beta tests, SBS

Contents Hub and SevenOne are confident to launch commercial service supported by positive user feedback. The commercial service entails opening an in-game Cash Shop. SevenOne

is a major publisher that provides game community, video, communication, and mobile business as well as game portal service. SevenOne is a subsidiary of a number one

television network in Europe, Posieben.

SevenOne agreed on a partnership with Bigpoint (

target=”_blank”>http://www.bigpoint.net/) that operates a game portal with more than 100 million users and planned to air a television commercial of WonderKing from

February 1st.

“WonderKing is definitely appealing to European teenagers and female gamers with its glamorous design and adorable characters.

Also its non-violent nature is suitable for everyone, which is a big selling point as well,” said Markus at SevenOne.

With its European launch

followed by North American Open Beta, WonderKing is now available everywhere.

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