World of Tanks Halloween Has Monster Tanks and a Hell Tank

Part of the fun of Halloween is acting like something you’re otherwise not. The World of Tanks Halloween events for PC and console players are definitely taking that fun to heart as each game’s seasonal events enter territory that would probably be considered silly for a series that normally loves historical accuracy.

world of tanks halloween

On the PC side of things, World of Tanks players are tasked with stopping Leviathan, a mutli-turreted ruler of the tank underworld who wants to enter the gate of the living. It’s up to you to enter the multi-turret tanks Franken or Stein and stop him and his hordes from advancing in a PvE battle. Yes, seriously.

Console players are getting the Monsters Awakened event, which will see popular monster-themed tanks return along with two new additions: the Höllenhund leKpz M 41 90 mm and Dragon Type 62. The event will also introduce the Grim Graveyard map with Halloween-style features such as a ghost train and kraken tentacles.

Both Halloween events are now live and run through the remainder of the month. A trailer for the PC version can be viewed here, while the trailer for the console edition is here.

Our Thoughts

So last year we had DracuTank and HellsingTank, so why not have a ruler of a tank hell this year? We really do enjoy the creativity in World of Tanks’ Halloween events and we hope that players of both games do as well.

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