World of Tanks Patch 8.6 Released

World of Tanks is a free to play action MMO that pits players against each other in WWII-era tanks – wreaking havoc on the battlefield until only one team is left standing. Recently, developer Wargaming announced that the latest patch is now live and brings with it a host of new balances and tweaks for players including the introduction of ten tiers for arty.

The SPG armor line will now progress all the way to tier X, with the advancement through the tiers being more comfortable for artillery players. Some might argue that making artillery easier to level ruins the fundamental structure of matches and drives matches in to a more hide-and-fire style of play – but the ever wise wargaming seem to believe it’s all just balancing. What do you think? Is this balancing or are Arty just going to flood matches even more so than they do already? Visit the game page to find out more about WoT.

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