World of Tanks Sets New World Record

World of Tanks is a highly-popular Free-to-Play Action MMO that pits players against each other in World War II tanks. The game has hooked players all over the world, with a great reception and a dedicated fan-base that formed quite rapidly. World of Tanks has already set a world record for the most players online at one time on a single server and although it may not surprise you, they just broke their own record. That’s right, once again both and its fans have raised the bar. So who was responsible for this feat? Russia of course!

MMO Games World of Tanks Screenshot

In Soviet Russia, World of Tanks plays you!

"We are more than happy to watch our World of Tanks win over hearts and minds of gamers all around the world," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of "The multicluster technology will enable us to move steadily towards new milestones and records."

Last month the Russian server peaked at 250,000 concurrent users, smashing their previous record of 91,331 players. So what is’s plan now? Increase server capacity of course, giving them the ability to set the bar even higher. They plan to do this with the introduction of multi-cluster server technology in Update 7.0, which is set to launch in the near future. Not only will they be able to hold more players on a single server, current players will experience a smoother, comfortable gameplay experience. So what are you waiting for? With so many players, there has never been a better reason to try out the only online action MMO dedicated to armored warfare.

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