World of Tanks Update 7.0 Preview

World of Tanks is about to unleash Update 7.0 on armored warriors across the globe, bringing with it a bunch of new features for this popular online action game. We all know World of Tanks as the team based free tank game from and we all love it, but the developers aren’t done just yet. Update 7.0 will introduce players to the long-anticipated camouflage system, which allows players to enhance their invisibility with tank skins that match the terrain of the surrounding battlefield. World of Tanks Camouflage system Screenshot

Not only will players be able to customize their tanks with camouflage skins, they can also bear their clan emblems on their tanks. Another new clan based feature is the fog of war, when participating in a Clan Wars match players will not be capable of viewing the opposing teams roster.  In addition, the new update will bring two new maps, seen below:

Map Name – Fjord World of Tanks Fjord Screenshot

Map Name – Swamp World of Tanks Swamp Screenshot will be holding special events for the launch of the update as release comes closer which will give players the chance to receive the special model SU-85 (I) tank. CEO Victor Kislyi said, “We are truly proud to present the new features to our players. We will keep upgrading the game, developing new content and introducing new modes. We promise there are a lot of new exciting features to come.” As you can see, there is plenty more in store for this war game, stay updated right here at

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