World Of Tanks Update 7.1 French Tanks Teaser Trailer

World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play Action-MMO where players must jump in to the drivers seat of authentic World War II tanks and battle to the death. Receiving massive popularity across the globe, players have been enjoying this unique online tank game. With update 7.0 recently launching, developer thought it might be time to showcase what’s next for WoT. Introducing a teaser trailer for the French Nation, who will be joining us in update 7.1 with an armory full of new tanks and equipment.

"7.0 is a huge-scale update that includes many of the long-expected features, including camo and new visual effects," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of "Also, we are very excited to introduce the forthcoming French tanks. They are fast and deadly due to their special reloading system, and we believe they will dictate completely new battle strategies."

MMO Games World Of Tanks French Tank Screenshot

The French tech tree will introduce 18 new tanks for players to choose from, light, medium and heavy steel chariot tanks are being thrown into the mix. With new vehicles in the game comes new tactics, players will have to adjust their playstyles to either defend against or utilize these new tanks in their battles. After receiving their biggest content update yet, it seems there is no slowing down for the free online war game, put on your best French accent and say Vive La France! More details coming soon, for now check out these cool new screenshots that have been kind enough to provide us with, enjoy.

MMO Games World of Tanks French Tank Screenshot

MMO Games World of Tanks French Tank Screenshot

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