World of Tanks Update 8.1 Launches Today

Aplty named, Roll out, Britannia! the latest update for World of Tanks (8.1) is scheduled for launch in Europe today, and North America tomorrow.

This update will add a new National Tech Tree with 22 new models from the Royal Tank Corps, across 3 main classes: Light, Medium and Heavy. Each of these tanks has been specially designed to fit into the new style offered by these British tanks, which, while slow and clunky, pack an incredibly powerful punch.

Developer Wargaming says:

Besides the familiar Matilda, Valentine, and Churchill models that are present in the game as the Soviet Lend-lease premiums, the British line features a wide selection of tech modifications for the Black Prince, Vickers and Cruiser tanks. Further up the tech tree, the selection of armored vehicles includes a diverse range of agile cruiser tanks, such as the Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, and the Comet. The Medium branch is topped with two ferocious modifications of the Centurion tank, while the top tier heavies include the maneuverable Caernarvon, the powerful Conqueror, and the intimidating FV215.

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