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World of Warcraft Camera Motion Sickness Being Addressed in Next Update

A small hotfix is on its way to combat reports of World of Warcraft camera motion sickness reported by players, according to a forum post.


An official post by World of Warcraft community manager Kalvax has detailed steps that will be taken in order to help players suffering from motion sickness while riding flying mounts, including how deeply mounts bank in to turns when in motion as well as removing leaning when rotating in place. The camera is also being corrected to avoid a sudden “pop” while landing or taking off on a flying mount and will be adjusted for some instances where the camera moved erratically when it thought the player was in a vehicle.

There was also mention of an “Action Cam” that was accidentally engaged by default for some players. According to the post, this was an experimental alternate view that was in development and remained as a console command while it was being worked on. However, players had reported the Action Cam had been turned on without using a console command and caused some discomfort. The Action Cam will be entirely disabled in the meantime but will return after motion sickness issues have been addressed and further polish applied.

All of the features in question are hitting PTR testing soon and are expected to go live by August 1st if all goes according to plan.

Our Thoughts

Being able to play your favorite MMO comfortably is a pretty obvious feature that should be included in every game’s design. Kudos to the WoW team for identifying some issues and working to swiftly resolve them.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about these changes? Have you experienced any motion sickness while playing? Have you seen the Action Cam feature at work, and what do you think of it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Official forums

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