World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight Now Live

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the popular Fantasy MMORPG by developer Blizzard. Today a major content patch went live, Hour of Twilight, the final content patch before the next expansion Mists of Pandaria. With the launch of the new patch, we have seen many features that fans have been waiting for now available in-game. Transmogrification is now live, this is the feature that allows you to swap the stats between two pieces of armor, meaning your epic Tier 2 set can now have the stats of current tier epics. A Raid Finder has now been introduced, allowing players to find a group with ease. The best part about the patch however is the three new dungeons and a new raid.

Thrall and the noble Aspects have devised a plan to recover the most powerful weapon in the world (of Warcraft). Dragon Soul, the weapon forged by Deathwing himself, is the only weapon that could truly destroy the black Dragon Aspect. End Time is the first new heroic dungeon players will face, beginning the journey to stop Deathwing requires a look into the future of Azeroth, showing what will come if you fail. Players will then proceed to the Well of Eternity, a heroic dungeon that takes players back 10,000 years to make an attempt at claiming the Dragon Soul. Once this task is complete, players may finally head to the final heroic dungeon, Hour of Twilight. In this dungeon players will escort Thrall and the Dragon Soul to the Wyrmwest Temple in order to commence the assault on Deathwing.

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After this long harrowing journey, players will set foot into the final raid where they will face Deathwing himself in an epic final encounter. With a bunch of new epic gear, Transmogrification and a whole new world of possibilities, there has to be somewhere to store all your favourite sets of gear. Blizzard is responding to this with Void Storage, a long-term deposit box where players can store their trophies and most treasured sets of gear. This isn’t a second bank but instead a place where players can keep their most treasured items out of their bags and bank, depositing and withdrawing however has a fee. There are plenty more changes in the latest expansion, to check them out read the official patch notes here. Annual subscribers also receive their special mount!

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