World of Warcraft: Druid Reaches 90 With 0 Kills

World of Warcraft is one of those games you either love or hate, but no matter which side of the fence you sit on it’s hard to deny that sometimes players pull off some cool feats while playing. I’m not talking about random kiddies who managed to kill a particular boss, I’m talking about players who put a lot of actual effort and patience in to their achievements.

One player recently went above and beyond for no real reason at all, there’s no official reward for doing so – just some cool stats. What am I talking about? The Druid Irenic who recently hit level 90 without killing a single thing. This player managed to fully level a druid purely through professions and exploration, only completing 1 compulsory quest.

Creatures Killed: 0
Quests Completed: 1
Item Level: 0
Total Damage Done: 92
/Played 1-90: 12 days 4 hours 33 seconds (/Played 1-85: 8 days 23 hours 8 minutes 51 seconds)

You can check out Irenic’s armory page here,

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