World of Warcraft Hidden Boss Has Been Uncovered

The name of Nightbane has been unknown to players of Legion’s 7.1 Karazhan dungeon until now, as a player by the name of ZosynPriest has uncovered the steps to face the World of Warcraft hidden boss.


A series of several steps must be taken the second players zone in to Karazhan. Players only have eight minutes from arriving to the dungeon to kill Opera and click on the first of five Soul Fragment crystals. Each crystal interacted with will increase the time to get to the next, but timing is listed as “very tight” according to the guide.

Once all five crystals have been interacted with, players must then return to Nightbane’s room after defeating Curator, speak to Medivh and witness Nightbane’s summoning. According to the guide, once Nightbane has entered the dungeon, wiping will not remove him, giving players multiple opportunities to fight the reportedly difficult boss.

Those who can surmount the challenge are rewarded with a Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount as personal loot and a selection of item level 875 gear. The detailed guide can be found here.


Our Thoughts

Hidden bosses are just another neat quality-of-life touch to what is already an excellent patch update to Legion. We love the challenge in both finding and fighting Nightbane and we wish WoW players the best of luck with the new encounter!

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the hidden boss of Karazhan? Have you faced off with Nightbane yet? Will you be taking a shot? Tell us below in the comments!


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