World of Warplanes Closed Beta Announced

World of Warplanes is an upcoming free-to-play, flight combat action MMO set in the Golden Age of military aviation. Currently the game is in alpha testing, and due to NDA we haven’t been able to share any information, screenshots or gameplay videos. This is all about to change however, as publisher has finally announced the date for the closed beta.

MMO Games World of Warplanes Screenshot

“We are happy to announce the next big day for World of Warplanes,” said Alex Zezulin, Project Manager for World of Warplanes. “Thanks to our alpha testers, the game looks better and better every day, and we hope beta test participants will contribute as much to World of Warplanes development.”

After an initial 100,000 alpha invite requests made in the first 24 hours of registration, has seen an increase to over 600,000 players wanting to try out this new tite. Thousands of players have already been accepted into the alpha version, but the number of testers will increase dramatically with the closed beta. 
Visit the official World of Warplanes site to find out more!

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