World of Warplanes Preview

World of Warplanes is a flight combat action MMO from the creators of World of Tanks. The game follows the same methods as WoT and with throw players into a war over air dominance, requiring strategy and tactical team work to succeed. Flight Combat Sim fans rejoice, can you handle the warbirds of the Golden Age?

Set purely in the air players will build the ultimate fighters, choosing from a range of planes starting from the 1930’s and progressing on to the Korean War jet fighters. Each plane is historically accurate and players will be able to choose from three main classes of fighters – single-engine light fighters for quick close combat, heavy fighters for narrow bombing runs, and strafing fighters which dominate ground targets.

Players can expect to build their planes up piece by piece, changing engine parts and various modules to their liking. True configuration of a fighter jet allows players to tweak their plane to match their flying style. Progress through a career as a virtual-pilot earning XP and cash to buy better parts and better planes.

World of Warplanes Flight Combat Sim Action MMO

Fans of World of Tanks should be very pleased that they will soon be able to take the fight to the skies, expanding’s online combat MMO’s to a whole new battlefield. We look forward to seeing more as we reach closer to the release date, which is yet to be announced. Be sure to keep an eye out for our review in the future!

Visit the Official World of Warplanes Site to find out more!

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