World of Tanks Football

World of Tanks Announces Football Championship

Wargaming has announced the addition of a new game mode in World of Tanks. The new World Football Championship game mode will be made available to players during June 12th up to July 13th. Players are offered a custom sport tank, special achievements and an all new team-based football themed gameplay mode.

The World Football Championship mode features a 7 minute long 3vs3 team battle on a reworked map. This map looks like a soccerfield, and it’s a transformed version of the popular map Himmelsdorf. The main objective is to score a point with a giant football, by means of shooting it and ramming it into the opposing teams goal. The only tank made available is the custom created Tier 1 T-62A Sport that will be given to all registered players for FREE!

All the tankers will receive a “Football Player 2014” medal for competing, and will be rewarded for exceptional performance in the new mode. Players can also earn Experience points by completing special missions.

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