World Of Tanks Generals Enters Open Beta

If Hearthstone is too Warcraft for you and Magic the Gathering is too …. magic, but you still feel the need to play a tactical card game, good news. Wargaming has announced the start of open beta for World of Tanks Generals.

Starting today the Wargaming tactical card game is available for everyone to play for free. While there was a wipe going from Closed Beta to this open phase, Wargaming as saying that everything you unlock during Open Beta will remain on your account through to release.

The browser based, turn-based gameplay features units from World War II and beyond which will likely be familiar to players of World of Tanks. With 3 nations and the inevitable expansion that comes from keeping tactical card games fresh and interesting, this one is likely to entertain plenty.


Players can sign in now with their ID. The official site also suggests using Chome, Firefox or Opera 15. So no love for Internet Explorer and the mobile version is not available from the outset of the closed beta testing and through this open beta test, but will be available in the future. Be sure to check in with the official site for Patch Notes as well as word on the mobile version.

Source: Official Post

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