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World of Tanks Introducing Race Mode

Have you ever wanted to race a tank? Okay, who hasn’t? Well Wargaming is making the dream a reality, if only in digital form. World of Tanks will be introducing a new racing mode later in September. Tank Rally will have a new custom map, and players will have a free tank to play. The new mode will put teams of three up against each other. But it isn’t just a race, oh no, they want you to play dirty. All along the route there are interactive objects, ramps, and explosives. Oh yes, you get to take out your enemies along the way. The only tank you’ll be able to play in World of Tank’s tank rally is a custom built M24 Chaffee Sport tank which as stated previously will be given out to players for free. Being on a winning team will not only give you bragging rights but you’ll also get the special in-game medal “Racer 2014.”

World of Tanks

Sadly the Tank Rally will only be available in game for a limited time. So if you want to live out your dream of racing tanks and blowing up your foes you need to do so between September 29th and October 12th. Check out the trailer for the new mode and start developing your tactics now.

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