World of Tanks Lunar Mode Returns

World of Tanks’ Lunar Mode has returned to celebrate the Apollo 11 landing.

World of Tanks Lunar Mode

Forty years ago, men first set foot on the moon. Now, men fight tanks on it. Wargaming released a trailer and screenshots today for their Lunar Mode: Back to the Moon event. Lunar Mode was first introduced last April Fool’s Day, but incredible fan feedback caused the developer/publisher to reintroduce it as a special event.

Starting today, players that log in to World of Tanks on Xbox 360 will receive the M24 Lunar, a laser-firing Tier 9 medium tank. Players that use those tanks will be transported to a lunar battlefield on the moon. While there, they can fight players around the world in low gravity conflict. With Earth in the distance, factions will have to play dirty to lay claim to the moon.

World of Tanks


World of Tanks is the biggest tank simulator MMORPG in the world. PvP focused, World of Tanks recreates real-life battles with real-life tanks. Players control the operations of a single tank. At the start, they are dropped into a random map. They can communicate with teammates via typed or voice chat. Matches are typically won by destroying all tanks on the opposing team. or capturing objectives.

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