World of Tanks Update 9.12 Rolls Out Today

The latest World of Tanks update, Update 9.12, has gone live today in North America and Europe, and it features a new game mode, an exclusive map, and reworked, high definition vehicles. Also, this s the first time that there’s a PvE tutorial on PC! If you are situated in Asia, Korea and China, you’ll receive the update tomorrow as well, so it’s not too long of a wait.

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World of Tanks’ all-new game mode challenges even the most proficient tank commanders among you by adding fresh mechanics such as respawns, Garage Battles, tank repair stations and a Capture the Flag variant. The game mode also adds new “Artillery” and “Airstrike” abilities, which are capable of inflicting some pretty hefty damage on the battlefield. Players must now evolve their strategy and tweak their tactics in order to become victorious, because sticking to what you knew is simply no longer a viable option.

The newest map, “Berlin”, is also available for this mode, and a special season of Person Battle Missions as well. Doing well in these missions isn’t without rewards either. Commanders who do well earn the Tier 10 T-22 sr. tank and the chance to obtain unique medals for proving their battle skills.

Proving Ground is the new PvE tutorial added with this update, and it gives the newest tankers the opportunity to shape their first steps on the battlefield without having to face real players just yet. Get comfortable with the basic elements of World of Tanks and prove yourself in combat. To enter the tutorial, click the dropdown menu found next to the Battle button, and choose “Proving Ground”. A player with fewer than 10 battles will have Proving Ground chosen by default. No longer will the experienced players have to play with the newbies, and no longer will the newbies face the pros. Win-win, I’d say!

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As for the new tanks; twenty-eight high definition vehicles and an improved tank customization interface have rolled out with this new update, allowing players to buy and set camouflage, inscriptions and emblems. The British update their tank line by replacing the Tier 10 FV4202 medium tank with the mighty Centurion Action X.


Our Thoughts

A tutorial has become a necessary thing with the more competitive games in the industry gaining popularity, and it’s great to see that World of Tanks is helping new players ease into their experience. Also, the new game-mode sounds pretty epic, especially due to the new Artillery and Airstrike abilities! We can’t wait to see how the community experiences these new additions. Let us know about your personal experiences in the comments below!


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