World of Warcraft 7.1.5 Hotfix Planned to Address Class Balance

With 7.1.5 having launched on the live servers, it was only a matter of time before the class changes applied would start having an effect on the World of Warcraft. In response to this new information, a 7.1.5 hotfix is on the way, which will apply several tweaks to the game’s classes according to a forum post.

World of Warcraft Legion Hunter

The tweaks in question are fairly numerous, particularly those being made to Hunter, Warlock, Priest and Shaman classes. Overall, Hunters will see buffs to several key abilities, Shamans are seeing a buff, and Warlocks will now have a 100% chance to generate a Soul Shard on Soul Effigy, among other changes. There will also be some changes to certain Legendary Items.

The hotfix is planned to deploy during each region’s weekly restarts, with more adjustments in the works. “We’ll continue to pay close attention to each spec’s performance as players progress through the Nighthold, and are ready to make further adjustments as necessary,” reads the post.

“Additionally, we’re planning to make some general changes to PvP balance, with the intent of lowering overall damage from a few overperforming specs and talents. Those exact changes have not yet been finalized, but we’ll share them as soon as we are able.”

The full details of what’s being done are found here.

Our Thoughts

Par for the course when it comes to class tweaks with any major MMO patch, really. We’re sure there are lots of opinions about what these changes mean for players, and we’d definitely be interested in hearing them.

Your Thoughts

So what do you think of the tweaks coming in this 7.1.5 hotfix? Do you think they go far enough, or is your favorite class and spec still nerfed in to the dirt? Tell us in the comments.

Source: official forums

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