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World of Warcraft 7.2 Lands on PTR

7.1.5 is already out and due for some adjustment, but the devs are not resting on their laurels; World of Warcraft 7.2 is already on the PTR, with an early build available to testers.

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The bigger pieces of patch 7.2 aren’t available to test yet, but will be introduced within the next few weeks. The current build focuses on Demon Assaults and overall stability, along with the introduction of the Pet Battle Dungeon. The early-look 7.2 also has changes to the Transmog system to track raid and PvP item sets, improvements to tab-targeting, and updated visual effects for Hunters, Death Knights and Balance Druids.

In the near-term, 7.2 will also be offering changes to the Obliterum Forge; unlocking the Forge will no longer require a quest, and players will be able to exchange multiples of unwanted PvP gear for an item of their choosing. The feature is currently not a part of the PTR version, but is on its way soon.

Our Thoughts

The pace with which the World of Warcraft devs are creating content is definitely commendable, and we’ll most certainly be keeping a close eye on what else 7.2 will bring. For the time being, this current build is offering some great quality-of-life features.

Your Thoughts

What sort of things are you expecting out of World of Warcraft 7.2? Is there any feature currently on the PTR you’re most interested in? Tell us in the comments below.

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