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World of Warcraft: Freeing Up Character Names, WoW Token Clarifications, and Azeroth Hyperlapse

World of Warcraft is not getting any younger and one caveat of an aging game is the struggle to find a unique character name without being smacked in the face with ‘That character name is unavailable.’ What’s even worse is having your heart set on a particular name and finding that not only is it taken, but so is every iteration you could possibly tolerate.

World of Warcraft

Often players would contact a game master to see about freeing up an inactive name. Blizzard have even freed old names up on the whole in previous sweeps. But from now on, they plan to be a little more efficient by automatically making a character name available if the account that holds the name has been inactive for two expansions. Notice how it says “the account that holds the name”? Yep. If you’re an active player with characters that you just haven’t logged into for a long long time, you don’t have to worry about losing your names.

WoW Token Limitations

World of Warcraft

We already knew that World of Warcraft players can only hold a maximum of 10 WoW Tokens in their inventory at a time, but Blizzard have posted a little update on the current limits around Tokens which provide further insight. You may only purchase 10 WoW Tokens for real money within a week to post on the in game auction house for gold. And you can buy a maximum of 36 Tokens every 24 months for in game gold to be used for game time.

So just in case you weren’t entirely sure on the WoW Token’s limitations, there it is.

World of Warcraft is Really Big

One more thing, in case you had forgotten how large Azeroth can be, this Hyperlapse of Azeroth from YouTuber BigCliffy leaves quite the impression. Gliding through World of Warcraft’s Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Pandaria continents, the hyperlapse has a pretty epic feeling.


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