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World of Warcraft Hires Ex-WildStar Dev Stephan Frost

World of Warcraft have snapped up Stephan Frost as their Design Producer. Formerly of Carbine Studios and the WildStar team in a similar for 4 years and Double Helix Games at Amazon for the past few months, Frost brings a wealth of experience and character to the Blizzard Entertainment team.

This news came from a tweet he sent last night alongside a selfie with Blizzard’s Grommash Hellscream statue.

“Day one at Blizzard has been awesome. I’m excited to start work as the Design Producer on WoW. \m/ “

World of Warcraft

Seeing the tweet receive such amazing support in response from friends and fans alike just proves how great an acquisition Frost will surely be to the Blizzard team. And can we please see Stephan Frost and Chris Metzen livestreams?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Frost’s role has him overseeing World of Warcraft’s design team in such a way to keep things moving forward efficiently, so he will play a pretty key role in the game’s future.

Congratulations to Stephan on the new job!


Source: Twitter, LinkedIn

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