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World of Warcraft Legendary Drop Chances Explained in Forum Post

Have you been on the Legendary treadmill in World of Warcraft? Are you pretty sure you’re cursed by the RNG Gods? Do you think the devs of World of Warcraft are not paying attention? A post on the EU forums regarding World of Warcraft Legendary drop chances might answer some of your concerns. Or make you even angrier, depending.

King Varian Wrynn faces his final battle during the Broken Shore event.

The “bad luck protection” system meant to improve the chances of getting Legendaries to drop is not reliant on length of time played or average item level according to EU Community Manager Aerythlea. As explained in a metaphorical comparison, a player who does more “Legendary-eligible content” such as Emissary Cache dailies, Emerald Nightmare weeklies and random Legion Heroic dungeons will improve their chances of getting a Legendary to drop than a player who idles in their Order Hall.

The explanation was almost immediately besieged by players who assume there is a soft cap of four Legendaries per character, or believe that the devs are not listening to additional complaints regarding Legendary drops with useless stats for their spec.

Regarding the latter point, Aerythlea explained that the type of Legendary equipped has a negligible affect on clearing Heroic Raids, and that the devs are indeed taking all feedback presented and forwarding it along. “If/when I receive any thoughts or information I can share in regards to feedback received, then I will share it with you as I always have,” the CM responded. “Not having an answer does not mean you are not being listened to.”

Our Thoughts

When devs are silent, speculation runs rampant. The other edge of that sword, of course, is that some will not believe an explanation when it’s offered. All that can really be done is to try and parse what explanations are given and make use of that information. After all, a response that details a system is just a bit better than some canned reply that talks around an issue.

Your Thoughts

So what do you think about this bad luck protection? Are you satisfied with the response from the Community Manager, or are you sure that some other details are being intentionally omitted? Tell us below.

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