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World of Warcraft Legendary Item Changes Posted to PTR

The highly contentious topic of World of Warcraft’s Legendaries is facing a new chapter as Legendary item changes have been made available to the game’s PTR. A set of patch notes posted outline all of the current changes in play.

legendary item changes

According to the patch notes, the overall adjustments are meant to improve throughput for certain Legendaries, particularly in dungeon and raid boss fights. Items currently being tweaked include Demon Hunter’s Achor the Eternal Hunger, Druid’s Chatoyant Signet, and Paladin’s Tyr’s Hand of Faith.

The changes currently available on PTR are not comprehensive and are due to be tweaked over the course of several weeks according to a post by one of the game’s community managers. “These adjustments are part of our overall goal to bring Legendaries more in line with each other in terms of value, particularly in how their benefits apply to your primary role,” reads the post.

The patch notes for those Legendary adjustments can be read here.

Our Thoughts

We expect these PTR changes to be monitored very closely by the World of Warcraft playerbase. Considering how these items have worked out so far, there will no doubt be lots of strong opinions on the matter. Hopefully, the devs will be able to turn the knobs needed in order to make Legendaries feel right and make players happy. At least most of them, anyway.

Your Thoughts

What are your impressions of the Legendary item changes posted to the PTR so far? Do you think there’s a Legendary item that needs special attention? What sorts of changes are you hoping will be made to Legendaries? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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