world of warcraft legendary rings

World of Warcraft Legendary Rings Will Be a Random Loot Drop

With the arrival of Patch 7.2.5, new World of Warcraft Legendary rings will be a thing. But are you getting those rings through some form of grind or series of quests? According to the devs, no; it’ll be a random drop.

world of warcraft legendary rings

The answer comes by way of Twitter, where a player asked the question of how the rings will be earned when Patch 7.2.5 goes live. The devs have confirmed that the new items will be gained as “new drops, available through the existing system”.

As one would expect, players have expressed their dismay at the decision on the official forums. Many players are asking for the rings, which are largely considered to be the best-in-slot, to be made available as a quest reward. Others are already reporting problems with the current RNG for Legendary ring drops, such as the case of one Demon Hunter player finding a Druid Legendary ring during their play time on the PTR.

Our Thoughts

We have to completely agree that tying one of the best items for the Ring slot to the game’s random drop system is not exactly the wisest move. If the intention of these items is to make world or dungeon content relevant, all people will remember is the misery of rolling the dice for their wanted BiS ring, not the experiences they had playing your content.


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