World of Warcraft Legion Assaults Previewed in Blog Post

If there’s one thing the Burning Legion is good at, it’s returning. Over, and over, and over and over again. So it will be in World of Warcraft Legion Assaults, a new form of content coming to the Broken Isles in patch 7.2.

According to the post, Legion Assaults will operate similarly to Invasions that occurred leading up to Legion’s launch, though they will be tuned to offer minimal disruption to players who are still trying to play leveling content. “Early in the discussions for the Legion expansion, we knew we wanted the Legion to attack the Broken Isles with renewed fervor sometime during the patch cycle. That time is now,” explains the post.

Attacks from the Burning Legion will focus on specific points in a zone, and defense of those points will be accessible through the World Quests system. Assaults offer different encounters such as world bosses, Fel takeovers or “Impvasions”. After the wider Assault has been dealt with, players will have to defend key locations like Thunder Totem. Completion of these Assaults will count towards a zone’s Emissary quest.

As intense as Assaults sound, they won’t be firing off frequently as the Burning Legion will require some time to recoup losses and reinforce their numbers. Assaults themselves are described as generally short affairs, with time between Assaults taking longer and longer. Despite the short timer, Assaults won’t advance for all players at the same time and all players will have an opportunity to defend against the Legion.

Full information about Legion Assaults can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Invasions were a great deal of fun in World of Warcraft, so we’re looking forward to repelling the Legion again in these Assaults. The fact that they advance a zone’s Emissary quest means that more variety in clearing World Quests, which is always a good thing.

Your Thoughts

Do you like the Legion Assaults idea, or do you think this is going to be more disruptive than engaging? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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