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World of Warcraft Legion Breathes New Life Into the Hunter

BlizzCon 2015 may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the news has to stop coming, and Blizzard have kicked off their series of Legion class previews, explaining how each class is going to change in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, starting with the Hunter.

Now, the Hunter is one of those classes where the “class fantasy” is pretty homogenized. Whether you’re playing Beast Mastery, Survival, or Marksman, you’re a physical ranged DPSer with a pet and a bow or gun. In Legion, Blizzard seek to make each spec feel more distinct.

World of Warcraft Legion Hunter


Beast Mastery

Beast Mastery will be the spec for you if you want to play a ranged Hunter with a pet. While this spec already felt quite solid, in Legion, they will see some significant changes to help develop the overall feel. Primarily, Dire Beast will now be core to the Beast Mastery spec, allowing the Hunter to summon wild beasts every 10 seconds which generate Focus upon attack and reduce the cooldown of Bestial Wrath when summoned. What’s more, Cobra Shot will now be an instant attack that cause moderate physical damage. All of their abilities are focused around the Beast Master’s bond with the creatures of the wild and how best to wield this.


While melee Hunters have always been somewhat of a joke – and you can’t deny that you never met a melee Hunter in World of Warcraft if you played previous to Cataclysm – come Legion, Survival Hunters will wield melee weapons instead of ranged weapons. They will also be the only spec to make use of traps, with their focus being on snaring and bleeding their enemies. Fighting in melee range with their pet, Survival Hunters will gather up a mass of Focus during successive Mongoose Bites, which come with a 10 second recharge and 3 charges, allowing the Hunter to deal massive damage following.


Perhaps the most controversial of the Hunter spec redesigns, Marksman will now use Lone Wolf by default, that is: Marksman Hunters will not use a pet. Instead, their focus is on using their skill and precision, making them master archers and snipers, and they will gain some of Survival’s abilities, like Black Arrow and Lock and Load, to the Marksman spec, while Arcane Shot now grants the Hunter Focus.


Our Thoughts

While some of these changes are pretty huge for the Hunter class in World of Warcraft, we think the class fantasy has been captured perfectly and it’s great to see each spec finally feeling rather distinct!

What about you? Which Hunter spec do you think you’ll play?


Source: WoW Class Preview Blog

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