World of Warcraft Offers Details on Battle for Azeroth’s War Mode

If your game has “war” in its title, there probably should be some form of it in the game, yes? That’s what Battle for Azeroth War Mode is hoping to bring to World of Warcraft, which has gotten a few extra details from the devs as the new PvP flag-style system nears testing.

battle for azeroth war mode

The first of many notes written by one of WoW’s devs is that Honor Talents will be on any time War Mode is engaged, not just automatically flicking on and off when PvP combat kicks off. Having Honor Talents turned on can also offer some PvE benefits as well as part of a “package of bonuses” to offset lost efficiency inherent in world PvP.

While Honor Talents will have an impact, gear will not be quite as potent. Gear scaling is going to be enforced in order to make fights fair. According to the dev post, the idea is to make War Mode PvP feel similar to Legion’s unrated battlegrounds.

As for the point of all this above and beyond getting to wail on an enemy faction member? World PvP will also count towards earning conquest on top of the usual conquest-rewarding PvP activities. Conquest is earned by taking out enemy players, naturally, but taking down enough of the rival faction will introduce a bounty on your character’s head, lighting you up on the world map and offering a reward to anyone who wipes you out.

The dev post also teased one or two additional content features to War Mode, but did stress that those details will be revealed later and War Mode likely won’t be built up too much. “We want to create a foundation first which we can hopefully build upon (with your feedback!) in the future,” explains the post.

As of this writing, War Mode is due to land on the Battle for Azeroth beta Very Soon™.

Our Thoughts

With Battle for Azeroth’s focus being on the red vs. blue thing once more, it makes sense to kick up world PvP again and it sounds like these War Mode changes introduce some welcome tweaks to the activity. We’d love to know your impressions of what War Mode is offering in our comments.

Source: official forums

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