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World of Warcraft Present a Guide to Draenor Flying

The whole topic of flight in World of Warcraft has become a bit of a will-they-won’t-they affair.

Originally Blizzard said they would bring flight to Draenor “later”, then they said it probably wouldn’t happen, then the community got Really Angry, then Blizzard said okay, okay, we’ll give you flight, and players have been waiting since 6.2 for the new mini-patch to come along and implement Draenor flying at last. But it’s taking a while.

World of Warcraft

You’ll get this cute little guy for your troubles!

Patch 6.2.2 is the hotly anticipated mini-patch in question, though before players will be able to take to the Draenor skies, they will have to earn a fairly lengthy achievement.

Blizzard have teamed up with Wowhead to bring players a guide to earning the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement while they wait for flight to be implemented in game. The guide takes you through each step to make sure obtaining the achievement is as easy as possible, and there’s even a handy video guide!

Now Blizzard have talked a little further about why patch 6.2.2 is taking so long to hit the live servers and the answer is pretty much that they wanted to make sure the implementation is as smooth as possible so that those who’ve been waiting for flying can enjoy it fully. It is still on track and “the wait isn’t much longer.”

It won’t be long now before you can soar through the Draenor skies on your very own Skyterror!


Source: Battle.net Blog, Blue Posts

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