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World of Warcraft Raid Quest Gated To Normal Difficulty Or Higher

Aside from the race for Mythic officially claiming our attention in today’s World ofWarcraft related news, there is another matter that has been setting players on fire since yesterday, first on the US forums, and then on the EU ones as well. It appears that the first two raid quests that players have to complete in Legion is gated to the Normal and higher difficulties, excluding LFR from the equation.

world of warcraft raid quest gated


One of these quests, which has the longer grind, requires 30 Corrupted Essence, which players obtain by defeating bosses in the Emerald Nightmare raid. The Corrupted Essence only drops once per boss, if at all, so several raids will be necessary to complete it. it seems that after clearing any boss once on any difficulty that awards essences, players will not be able to get the essence to drop in a different difficulty, similar to Mists of Pandaria’s Titan Runestones.

The less grindy quest is achievable in one sitting, if your group is able to beat the raid in a single lockout, as it requires drops off only 2 bosses. Although admittedly, Il’gynoth and Xavius are two of the harder bosses in the Emerald Nightmare.

Excluding LFR difficulty as a potential source of drops has angered many players so far judging by the forums, as many are not yet able to complete the raid on Normal or higher difficulties due to various reasons, and also because quests of this kind have always been able to be completed in LFR, since the Cataclysm expansion. Completing these quests will allow players to advance their Order Halls and unlock new appearances for their Artifacts.


Our Thoughts:

Although it is interesting to suddenly introduce a difference in how raid quests are gated by raid difficulty compared to the previous expansions, we can’t completely disagree with having some sort of gating on various types of content. Legion has already made a lot of content accessible to players via different means and without necessarily having to take part in the more difficult challenges from the very beginning (i.e. World Quests dropping pretty good ilvl gear). Although frustration is understandable for those who aren’t able to join Normal yet, previous legendary quest chains took a lot more time and effort to complete, so the obstacle still seems lesser compared to what had to be done before. This plus the bit of gating via Nightfallen rep for the two Suramar dungeons are the most significant obstacles implemented so far, but far from making it impossible to beat the challenge in spite of adding time to the grind.

Your Thoughts:

How do you feel about this small but significant difference in gating the Emerald Nightmare raid quest drops? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: forums, Blizzard support

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