World of Warcraft Suffered from DDoS Attack Yesterday

Apparently, World of Warcraft was under the attack from hackers aiming to disrupt the game’s services yesterday. There was a lot of server instability yesterday, to the frustration of many players trying to play the game properly. Blizzard Entertainment then went on the forums to give players an update on the whole situation. This is what they said:

“It looks like our Network Technicians are actively working against a DDOS attack targeting our game services, which is why realms seem to be bouncing offline for a short time and then reconnecting. Our best and brightest are on the case! Thanks for the details everyone. Keep ’em coming!”

World of Warcraft

It wasn’t the first time that the popular MMORPG had been hit with a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, and it most likely won’t be the last. Previous attacks have knocked the game, and all of actually, offline for quite some time. Compared to attacks of that fortitude, this one was relatively small, but it is affecting players nonetheless.

For those of you who don’t know, a DDoS attack happens when a large number of computers are directed to talk to one particular server at the same time – in this case the World of Warcraft servers. If the attack is large enough, it can knock the servers offline, overloading their network capacity and causing them to go dead. There are various ways to counter these attacks when they happen, but it takes time to figure out how to do it.


Worry not though, my friends; all servers seem to be stable now, so it’s safe to play World of Warcraft again!

Source: Blizzardwatch

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