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World of Warcraft’s Monks, Druids, and Rogues Get the Class Preview Treatment

Last but by no means least in the Legion class preview series comes World of Warcraft’s leather-users – Monk, Druid, and Rogue – wrapping the series up.



World of Warcraft Legion Class Previews MMOGames

The Monk is the newest class to World of Warcraft, introduced in Mists of Pandaria with the Pandaren race. Their martial arts prowess is second-to-none, and they seek spiritual balance in everything while utilizing the powers of their ancestors and beer. As such, you may expect that the Monk doesn’t need too much tweaking, and in some ways you would be correct, but even so, Blizzard will be focusing the Monk’s abilities and gameplay to fit the class’s backstory much better.

Brewmasters will be switching out their Chi resource for charges on their Brew abilities, with a few other tweaks to make the class feel more like an evasive martial artist. Mistweavers will also be dropping Chi in favor of mana and losing their heal-on-attack gameplay to avoid dividing the spec into two. And Mistweavers will be getting some inspiration from classic fighting games, with lots of short cooldowns, and still using Energy and Chi.



World of Warcraft Legion Class Previews MMOGames

World of Warcraft’s Druids already have a very strong class identity as the guardians of nature, steeped in tradition, known for their hybrid utility and shapeshifting ability. Other MMOs have similar ideas, but none quite come close to the Druids of Azeroth.

The only class in World of Warcraft to have access to four different specs, in Legion, Blizzard will be improving Balance gameplay and strengthening Guardian abilities to better suit their class fantasy, with a renewed focus on the Druids’ ability to shapeshift between different forms to be able to achieve different purposes. Heart of the Wild will be replaced with a row of Affinity talents, which will allow Druids to pick an offspec from the other three specs. This Affinity will grant a passive ability, useful to either role the Druid fulfills, but also gives access to many key abilities to use in their associated forms. This should allow the Druid to make better situational combat choices.



World of Warcraft Legion Class Previews MMOGames

And the Rogue. World of Warcraft’s assassins. Just like Hunters, Rogues have lacked any distinct identity between their specs. As such, Rogues will see some pretty big changes in Legion.

Assassination Rogues will now be the only specs that utilize poisons and bleeds, which will trigger Venomous Wounds and cause some pretty huge damage overall.

Combat, however, really did lack a clear theme. As such, Combat Rogues are no more. RIP Combat. Long live the Outlaw, the scoundrels operating outside the law. Swordmasters, and Pistol-wielders. Stealth is being deemphasized as Outlaws are much more comfortable fighting toe-to-toe with a sword.

And Subtlety will be emphasizing Stealth gameplay much more heavily. Shadow Dance is being reworked to allow the Rogue to dance in and out of Stealth rotationally, while Shadowstrike gives Rogues more mobility to attack from Stealth. What’s more, the subtlety Rogue’s relationship with Shadow magic is being reinforced, and they will be receiving a new ability called Nightblade which applies Shadow damage over time to the target.


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Our Thoughts

Whew! So that wraps up the Legion class previews. Overall, it sounds like there are some solid changes on the board, with some very interesting stuff coming for most of World of Warcraft’s classes. In case you missed the others, here are our wrap-ups of Hunter, Priest, Paladin, and Warlock, Warrior, Mage, Shaman, and Death Knight.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments! What are your thoughts on the changes? Are you happy with your class? Thinking about trying a different class now that you know what kind of playstyle they might have?

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