World of Warplanes Launches Update 1.7

Wargaming has announced that update 1.7 for its flight combat MMO World of Warplanes has been released in Europe and North America.  A new branch of German ground attack planes have been added for the update, including the iconic Junkers Ju.87G Stuka and the Messerschmitt Me. 265 prototype. The newest patch also introduces two new game locations that are available for Tiers 5 through 10.

For more information on the new Update for World of Warplanes, please visit the official website.


Lower tiers of the new branch feature more classic ground attack planes, and middle tier planes are equipped with impressive major caliber weapons. For higher tiers there is a swift increase in speed, and players will find that they are excellent, all purpose vehicles.

Update 1.7 also introduces two new game locations, “Province” and “The Observatory”, both available for tiers 5–10. “Province” transports players to an Italian-themed warzone during spring. Here they can find snaking valleys of canyons and plateaus, littered with several towns and connecting bridges. “The Observatory” is a European-themed battleground. In this harsh winter environment, players can soar across mountain ranges to discover a wide canyon marks the center of the map.

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