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World of Warplanes: Update 1.1 and unveiling of Dornier DO17 Video has released update 1.1 of the Free-To-Play MMO World of Warplanes


Royal Air Force Museum and unveil World’s last surviving Dornier DO17

Today Wargaming announced the release of Update 1.1 for its recently launched flight combat MMO action game, World of Warplanes. A substantial amount of new content has been added to the game, including 14 aircraft, two battle arenas, and new epic and tiered achievements.

World of Warplanes

Vlad Belozerov, Director of Global Operations for World of Warplanes, say the following:

“This update is focused on making the player experience more enjoyable by addressing a number of technical and gameplay balance issues. We’re also excited to give players the chance to try out a new line of German fighters.”

The German tech tree is bolstered with the second line of fighters, featuring nine Focke-Wulf warplanes, known for their overall balance, combat performance, and maneuverability. The latest update also enriches the game with five new premium aircraft, all Tier 5, including the Russian Curtiss P-40 M-105, the UK Miles M. 20, the US Grumman XF4U-1, and the German Messerschmitt Me. 209V.

World of Warplanes

Other significant additions include two new battles arenas—Adriatic and Castle, a broad list of new achievements and customization items, as well as major improvements for mouse and joystick controls, balance tweaks, and general bug fixes.

World of Warplanes

German Dornier DO17 unveiled

Next up is the news about the World’s Last surviving German Dornier DO17 fighter airplane. Normally this kind of news would not be on a site like But when looking at the active role has played in raising this airplane, we could not just let this slide.

Wargaming has announced that the Royal Air Force Museum has officially unveiled the German Dornier Do 17 and the associated Interpretation Zone at its site in Cosford, Shropshire on October 15th, 2013.

World of Warplanes

RAF Museum Cosford General Manager Alex Medhurts says the following:

“We are delighted that Wargaming has been able to assist us with the official unveiling of the Dornier and the Interpretation Zone. Together, we have made it a significant and memorable occasion. We are happy to have Conrado Dornier, grandson of the aircraft designer and heir to Dornier Seaplane Company at the event. The new Interpretation Zone grants an opportunity to remember airmen’s sacrifices of both sides and demonstrates our enduring belief in future, based on reconciliation and shared values.”

The Dornier project was made possible by support from its funders and partner organizations, whose representatives attended the event. All guests were invited to tour the hydration tunnels where the Dornier fuselage and wings are housed, getting up close to the historic aircraft they had helped to salvage.

World of Warplanes

Now open to members of the public, the dynamic new Interpretation Zone explores the background of this legendary aircraft, telling the story of its recovery and the conservation process—both in the Museum’s physical and digital spaces. Multimedia content includes archive footage of the aircraft in action and the documentary on the specialized recovery operation that took place in June 2013. Visitors can now view an augmented reality Dornier flying above the Museum through their smartphones via a newly developed app ‘Apparition’.

World of Warplanes

The app also allows users to capture photos of their local virtual Dornier aircraft and submit them for a chance to have their photos featured in the next Wargaming exhibition hall opening at the RAF Museum in London in 2014. More information on the app and contest will be released soon, and it is open to the general public at

Below you can watch the special Dornier DO17 video:

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