World of Warships Introduces German and Soviet Vessels

World of Warships released just over a month ago, yet captains will now already be able to get behind the helm of vessels from two distinct nations: Germany and the Soviet Union. Yes you heard that right, players will now have access to the German fleet as well as the Soviet Tech Tree.

World of Warships

The German fleet has the Dresden and Hermelin cruisers on the horizon; swift vessels capable of running rings around opponents. That’s not all though! This new line of German cruisers boast great endurance, especially as players progress up the Tech Tree, along with solid armor and powerful guns.

The Soviet Tech Tree is ready to make some waves with the Izyaslav, Gvevny, and Tashkent destroyers – plus many more! These vessels are the sharpshooters of the sea, as they can easily pick off targets from afar with their hard-hitting canons and superb accuracy. Soviet destroyers are also extremely rapid, so hitting you will be a pain in the butt for your enemies. Then we haven’t even taken their strong anti-aircraft armaments and rapid turret rotation into consideration, which the vessels also have! Using Russian tech, players will have a set of devastating attack runners on their hands.

Have you always wanted to be in charge of Soviet and German vessels? Well, they’re waiting for you in World of Warships! Before you decide which playstyle suits you best, go ahead and have a look at the announcement trailer for the new additions to World of Warships below.

Source: Press Release

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