WoW Launches War of Thorns Pt. 2, Hotfixes Leveling and Talks Epic Battleground Changes

Whole lot of movement on the World of Warcraft front, and none of it will likely be a surprise but let’s get to it anyway: the second part of the War of Thorns story beats is online for NA players; the MMO’s borked leveling has been hotfixed, and one of the devs has offered some insight into Epic Battleground adjustments that are due.

war of thorns

Chapter two of the War of Thorns storyline leading right into the plot points for Battle for Azeroth is now live. This series of quests will lead up to the burning of Teldrassil that’s been alluded to for the past few weeks now and will also award players with a new flying mount depending on which faction they’re a part of.

There’s also been a hotfix deployed for the game overall earlier today that has tied a tourniquet around the game’s mysteriously busted leveling experience. For now, the XP requirement to reach all levels from 40-100 has been reduced, with about a 14% reduction in required XP between 60-80 and slightly less reduction across other levels.

Finally, a dev has chimed in on the official forums about some tweaks to Alterac Valley and the Isle of Conquest Epic Battlegrounds. As far as Alterac Valley goes, the devs want to play wait-and-see before making any major changes; in Isle of Conquest’s case, a number of adjustments are in the works including reducing Keep Cannon damage to vehicles, a loss of 50 Reinforcements if a faction gate is destroyed to counteract turtling, and changes to Siege Towers, Glaive Towers and Airship Cannons.

The second Warbringers animated short is also online, but that is reportedly extremely spoiler-loaded so watch at your own risk and please don’t whine at me about your personal lack of self-control.

Our Thoughts

Yep. Lots of WoW things. Lots and lots and lots. Of WoW things. Lots. Mmmm hmh.

Sources: MMO Champion, official site, official forums, YouTube (AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT)

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