WoW Talks Siege of Lordaeron and Releases BfA Novellas for Free

As seems to be the usual with World of Warcraft news in recent weeks, stuff is coming in bundles, so that’s what we’re doing here in this post. On the game’s forums, an announcement regarding the Siege of Lordaeron was made and the Battle for Azeroth novellas that were previously part of the expansion’s Collector’s Edition have been posted online.

siege of lordaeron

Regarding the Siege of Lordaeron, it was revealed by one of the devs that pre-purchasing Battle for Azeroth will not be a requirement to experience this next story step. According to a post on the game’s forums, the requirement used to be in place but the devs have decided to change their minds.

With that said, the entire pre-patch questline and all of its related rewards will be going away in about a week’s time, so if you’re looking for free flying mounts, the clock is ticking.

As for those Battle for Azeroth novellas, both of them have been posted on Warcraft’s website in full. Previously only available in print as part of the physical Collector’s Edition for the expansion, the two stories cover the events on the Darkshore and at Darnassus through the eyes of the Horde’s Saurfang and the Alliance’s Delaryn Summermoon, Tyrande and Anduin. Those can be read here and here respectively.

Finally, the game itself has been recently hotfixed with a few tweaks to Rogues, Warriors, Warlocks and Death Knights. Those details can be read here.

Our Thoughts

It’s nice that the holes filled in by the novellas are available without requiring people to splash $100 on a physical box if they don’t want to. We also appreciate that the Siege of Lordaeron isn’t paywalled either…which, if we’re honest, wasn’t exactly a strong paywall since most of this game’s fans already bought their copies months in advance.

Sources: official forums, BlizzardWatch, official site

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