WoW Warlords and Mists Raid Bosses Require Tweaks after 7.3.5

Let’s say you’re entering a raid from Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandaria for some transmog stuff. With the release of WoW 7.3.5 leveling adjustments, you’re perhaps finding those previously simple raid bosses a lot harder to take down. The devs hear you and they, reportedly, are working on it.

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Since 7.3.5’s level scaling tech has affected everything across the breadth and width of the game, raid boss health pools have been among the things changed, particularly with bosses in Warlords and Pandaria raids as acknowledged in a recent forum post.

“Our intention was never to greatly increase the difficulty of soloing old raid content for transmog or mount runs, but a side effect of the creature health tuning we did for leveling players,” explains the post.

As such, the devs are working on a fix that will significantly reduce the health of these bosses. The current hotfix as of this writing doesn’t have these changes in place yet, but does apply a number of other adjustments including tweaks to Assassination Rogue, Resto Shaman and Affliction Warlock.

As of this time there’s no timeline for when these bosses will be hotfixed, but the forum post does hope to have them deployed before the coming weekend.

Our Thoughts

We sort of expected a broad, sweeping change like a level scaling system would have some adverse effects. Let’s hope that players can exercise a bit of patience in letting these adjustments get hotfixed in…though we can appreciate how important transmog running is for a lot of folks.

Sources: official forums, official site

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