Wurm Online Summer Update Now Live

Wurm Online is a browser based sandbox MMORPG that has for a long time attracted a hardcore community primarily made up of crafters due to the extensive housing and crafting systems available in the game. Today marks the release of the Summer Update, bringing Wurm to version 1.1 with a number of new changes and improvements to the game.

Wurm version 1.1 introduces house extensions, new fence types, sorcery, and many overhauls to systems such as foraging and botanising. Other improvements include graphical updates and UI improvements amongst new animations and models for several creatures.

Version 1.1 Feature List

  • Client Performance Upgrades
  • An All-New Mystic Powers and Karma System
  • More New Creature Models
  • Re-Work of the Epic Endgames
  • Kingdom Tabards (worn on the body)
  • Cross-Server Chat
  • New Fence Types
  • Flower Beds and Flower Pots
  • Gravestones
  • New “Analyse” on Rock Ores
  • Foraging and Botanizing Overhaul
  • Modify Existing Structures
  • New In-Game Music
  • GUI: Addition of a Drag and Drop “Paperdoll”
  • GUI: New icons for climbing, faithful etc
  • Inventory Grouping
  • In-game Skill Tracker
  • Diagonal Roads
  • Falling Tree Animations

To find out more about Wurm Online and the summer update, visit the official site.

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