Xmas in Space with EVE Online

Yule lads back in space to celebrate Xmas

Xmas time in space with the Yul Lads

Besides the news about the fundraiser, there was some more news coming in from CCP Games. Xmas is celebrated in outer space as well. CCP Games have announced the return of the Yule Lads to the universe of EVE Online. The Yule Lads have been spreading cheer throughout the EVE Universe before, gifting things to all EVE subscribers both naughty (most of them) and nice (a stalwart few).

Christmas in Eve Online

Christmas in Eve Online

So who are those Yule Lads anyway? I have certainly never heard from them and since they are part of an Icelandic tradition, that isn’t all that weird. The Icelandic Yule Lads bear little similarity to the world-famous Santa Claus, who is descended from St. Nicholas, patron saint of children and sailors. In contrast, the Icelandic Yule Lads are descended from baby-eating trolls called Grýla and Leppalúði (say what??) Their original role was to strike fear in the hearts of children. Grýla traditionally went so far as to bring along the ‘Christmas Cat’, a black panther-like beast who will hunt down, kill and eat any child that doesn’t get at least one piece of clothing as a Christmas gift. The myth was so terrifying that in 1746 a public decree was issued to prohibit parents from frightening their children with monsters and fiends like the Yule Lads.

After this decree, the Yule Lads became increasingly benign and eventually ceased to be a threat to children’s lives, though they continued to be thieving scoundrels. In popular culture the Yule Lads often take on the 20th century appearances of their foreign colleagues, both in terms of conduct and appearance. Icelandic children now consider it perfectly normal for a small group of identically-clothed red-and-white Santa Clauses to march through malls and down shopping streets.

Santa in Eve Online

Santa in Eve Online

Officially there are thirteen Yule Lads, although dozens more appear in various folk tales and stories. Tradition holds that they come down from the mountains one-by-one on each of the thirteen days before Christmas, and then leave in the same manner. A poem from a popular book about Christmas, published in 1932, solidified the names and characteristics of the thirteen most well-known Yule Lads.

Seven Yule lads, from Stubby to Door-Slammer to Bowl-Licker, Will be visiting the universe of EVE Online to present their gifts. These gifts will include a unique gift that is sure to provide the space-faring players of the world’s largest gaming universe plenty of holiday joy. The unique “advent calendar” gift will be opened a little after the holidays, so that players who were traveling to earth to visit friends and family can return to New Eden (or re-subscribe) to receive the myriad space goodies. Now I have gotten myself an advent calendar with little chocolates inside, but i doubt that CCP Games will be handing out virtual chocolates to their community. Are you thinking the same as I am? in-game items!!!!

Below you can watch the EVE Online Yule Lads video:

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