Zarya Joins Heroes of the Storm In Today’s Patch

Today’s patch is adding a bit of new content to Heroes of the Storm, including the newest hero to join the roster: Zarya. The patch will also add various changes to Chen, ETC, Nazeebo, Malfurion, and Li-Ming, and introduces the second new battleground of the Machines of War event: the Warhead Junction.

heroes of the storm machines of war

Zarya is a ranged warrior and will be using skills similar to the ones she has in Overwatch, and will be able to shield herself and her allies but also give enemies serious trouble with either of her heroic abilities, Graviton Surge or Expulsion Zone.

Zarya will also be the star of the next Brawl with the Blues event. You can catch the livestream tomorrow, September 28 at 11am PDT on

Zarya’s hero spotlight  trailer is available below:

The Warhead Junction is the second battleground added in the Machines of War event after the Braxis Holdout. You can watch an overview of its mechanics and details below:

A new map rotation is also in effect as of this week and until October 17 when the Machines of War event concludes. Starting September 27, the pool of Battlegrounds available in all modes, except Custom Games, will be temporarily limited to: Warhead Junction; Braxis Holdout; Towers of Doom; Dragon Shire; Battlefield of Eternity; Cursed Hollow.

You can check out last week’s PTR patch notes for more information about the update while waiting for the live patch notes for today to be released!


Our Thoughts:

We’re definitely tuning in for the livestream tomorrow to see how the Blues deal with the new hero – none other than Zarya. We are anticipating a pretty epic show and look forward to seeing more strategies and tips on how to play this powerful warrior.

Your Thoughts:

Have you tried the Machines of War event yet? Are you looking forward to playing the Heroes of the Storm Zarya or do you prefer sticking to Overwatch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: BlizzardWatch

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