Elder Scrolls Online Update 2

Zenimax Recalls all Copies of TESO from Store Shelves

Not long ago, Zenimax yanked the six month subscription for The Elder Scrolls Online, which didn’t go over well with players because it could mean one of two things:

  1. The game would be shutting down and they don’t want people investing in a long term subscription.
  2. The game may be going Free to Play

Elder Scrolls Online Update 2

Today, an order was issued to multiple retailers, including Gamestop and EBGames in Australia to ship all existing TESO stock including game time cards back to the publisher. Gamestop has attempted to cover this recall up by stating it is simply part of a typical product recall, but a source inside states that this is only done in the case of excess stock. There are other titles being recalled, such as Destiny, but ONLY those that have excess. In the case of TESO, everything is being recalled, and it is expected that all traces of the game will be gone from stores by January 14.


EB Morph

It’s hard to say what this move actually means, we just know that at this point, the game and ALL prepaid cards have been recalled. Most new MMO’s with the exception of Final Fantasy XIV have been unable to maintain a subscription model for any length of time, and TESO may be no different. Does this mean that you’ll be able to explore all of Tamriel for free in the future? Will you need to purchase the ability to become Emperor from an in-game store? Who knows, but we’ll keep watching and we’ll most certainly keep you informed.

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