Zu Online Announces New Expansion Patch

Zu Online is proud to announce the release of “The Blood Demon Assault,” a new patch that achieves several goals they have been working toward since September of 2009. Launched on January 17, version 1.12.08 will help players better experience the fierce wars between the immortals and the Demons. The Blood Demon Assault is a major event that gives players the chance to combat evil on a grand scale.

As the game ultimate BOSS, the Blood Demon is no pushover. Players from three factions must temporarily set aside their mutual hatred and cooperate to defend their home. All Zu Online players can accept the quest without worrying about level limitations. Overcoming this challenge can earn the victors tons of experience points and mall Gold. The quest will be available at 8:30 PM each day.
Before the event starts, an NPC called Koden will appear at the three entrances for the three factions: the Hexad Region, the Purple Fire Hall of Desert City, and the Truth Palace of Holy City. Players can claim a quest item known as the Demonbane Gourd from Koden up to 10 minutes before the event or until 10 minutes after it has begun. Players must use it to collect the Blood Demon Soul, which is required to claim the quest rewards.
After the quest begins, 3 Ghostdom Portals will appear in the Hexad Region. From these portals will emerge 3 Blood Demon Vanguards, who will move to attack the Boundary Defender by the route marked in purple below. Players must protect the Boundary Defender and defeat the Blood Demon Vanguards if they hope to avert disaster.
Only 1 of the 3 Blood Demon Vanguards contains the Blood Demon Soul. Unless they defeat the true body and collect the Blood Demon Soul with the Demonbane Gourd, all will be lost. Those who succeed can trade the Soul to Koden for their rewards. Do you have what it takes to withstand the Blood Demon Assault, or will evil have the last laugh?

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