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Aura Kingdom Preview

A Short Intro

I know it’s a little late for this to be a first look on Aura Kingdom then again it hasn’t been that long since its Open Beta began so here goes! Aeria Game’s recently launched Aura Kingdom, another anime inspired MMO with graphics similar to that of Grand Fantasia (also under the same publisher), entered its Open Beta Stage 6th of January 2014. This game has been praised for its strong story line and fantastic (almost) unique features that can guarantee to keep gamers busy and expecting better adventures. Although I did read somewhere how the game was a bit of a letdown because it wasn’t all that challenging. In my opinion as a gamer for over a decade, Aura Kingdom is almost perfectly balanced. It is easy enough to learn even for newbie gamers and challenging enough for more experienced players. Dungeons alone has three different modes – Solo, Party and Hell Mode. I think the last one is self explanatory. A game that anyone and everyone can enjoy with everybody definitely deserves a great amount of kudos!

Aura Kingdom

Character Creation

Aura Kingdom currently has eight playable classes, their effectiveness in different fields like single attack, healing, AoE (Area Of Effect), defense and so on are rated in 1 – 3 stars. This feature is quite helpful because it already provides a very accurate mental image on how every class can cover each field. Hence coming up with the appropriate build for whatever character class – may it be tank, damager or support, won’t be that much of tedious task to accomplish compared to most MMO games.

And at level 40, you can choose a sub-class from already existing classes aside from what was already picked during character creation. This gives us access to a different set of skills plus an appropriate secondary weapon for these new set of abilities. I guess choosing a sub-class that can greatly compliment our main class is quite handy. A tanker with healing skills or a Warlock/Wizard combo with overwhelming damage over time (DoT) skills and massive elemental damage. This set up is also great for gamers that love to farm since they can choose two different classes and when combined, it creates a perfectly self-sufficient character.

The stats are categorized into two main parts – for damage and defense. And each category only has three choices so it is pretty much simplified saving us all the time thinking or tweaking unlike with other games. As for the skills, they are automatically unlocked once a character reaches a certain level. The Envoy’s Path is a cool feature that is once every few levels and provides additional active or passive skills plus boost on certain stats. Resetting for both Envoy’s path and character stats isn’t much of a hassle either. Unlike with other games where a special item is needed that could only be found in cash shops or item mall, while in Aura Kingdom, these can be resettled at anytime as long as you have enough in game coins.

Character Classes

As mentioned, there are currently eight playable classes which consists of three Melee types: Guardian, Ravager and Duelist. Two Ranged Types: Gunslinger and Grenadier. And what game doesn’t have magic type classes? There we have three: Bard, Wizard and Sorcerer.

Melee Types

The Guardian is the official tanking class in Aura Kingdom (and every other game?), equipped with a sword and shield. Rated 3 stars for its AoE skills, 2 stars for Defense and  Single Target, and one star each for Support and Evasion. This class is usually built with an HP/ Def combo stats and semi supportive skills.

A Ravager is armed with a massive axe, the ultimate heavy damage dealer for the melee type class. Rated 3 stars for its insane AoE skills. 2 for Defense and Single Target, 1 star for both Evasion and Support. Ravagers can spam stuns for both AoE and single target, they also have ranged skills that deals a decent amount of damage.

The Duelist class is armed with twin swords and storms mobs with insane critical damage while dodging almost every hit that comes their way. It is safe to say that they can often take agro from tankers due to their high crit stats and debuffing skills. Rated with 3 stars for Single Target and of course Evasion.

Aura Kingdom

Ranged Types

Gunslingers wield dual guns loaded with magical bullets and devious traps that they can set all over the place. Rated 2 stars for its Single Target, AoE, Evasion and Support abilities and just 1 star for Defense. I guess we can say that Gunslingers are the ranged version of the Duelist class.

The Grenadier is something we don’t see much in MMOs. Easily distinguished since they run around carrying a ridiculously huge cannon but do keep in mind that it’s not at all just for show. With their ammo infused with different elemental properties; fire, ice and lightning, Grenadiers can deal a surprisingly huge amount of damage from a distance. Not only that, they also have the skill to summon gun turrets to aid them in battle (as if their damage alone isn’t enough). Rated 3 stars for its AoE, 2 stars for Single Target, Defense and Healing. 1 star each for Evasion and Support.

Magic Types

The Bard is the ultimate support class in the game. Armed with a harp, bards play different melodies to either rejuvenate their comrades or enchant them with supportive buffs to aid their allies in battle. Since Bard is a support class, it only rates 1 star for Single Target, AoE, Defense and Evasion. But 3 stars for Healing and 2 for Support.

The Wizard, in any game, is a formidable class to deal with. With the strength of the elements at its command, a Wizard can deal overwhelming attacks to anything and anyone that needs to be obliterated. Caster types definitely benefits Aura Kingdom’s game set up since they don’t need to worry about running out of Mana to be able to cast their skills while cool down and casting time can both be shortened through proper choices via Envoy’s Path and increasing their SPD points under the Damage category in the Character window (C). The Wizard class is rated 3 Stars for its AoE, 2 stars for both Single Target attacks and Healing while Defense, Support and Evasion are rated 1 star.

The Sorcerer excels with their DoT attacks slowly and menacingly draining the life force of all its target. This class is rated with 3 stars for Support. 2 stars for their Healing, Evasion and Single Target. And 1 star for both AoE and Defense. I think it would definitely be an interesting idea to pair this one with the Wizard class since both uses magic, both built for fast casting, both deals incredible damage in different aspects  and already has their separate healing skills. Combining those two classes would definitely create one formidable character.


Eidolons are spirits from the heavenly realm of Aura Kingdom and from the Dread realms of Pandemonium. These spirits share a particular bond with a chosen Envoy of Gaia (as the story settings goes). They fight alongside their masters and support them with different skills and elemental capabilities .

Aura Kingdom

There are twenty different Eidolons and can all be collected via gathering their key fragments, some through quests and some of them can be bought through Item Mall. I actually like the fact Aeria Games did not made this feature entirely available through purchase, aside from that, there is a weekly purchase limit on all of the items available in the Item Mall. One of the things that keep gamers’  interest is being provided with an objective. Being able to obtain endgame items easily especially if all we need to do is buy them, seriously takes the fun out of the whole thing. I’ve seen it so many times how gamers like that just give up because they are bored even after having almost everything all too easily. Kind of a waste, don’t you think so too?

There are 4 different types of Eidolons to choose from during character creation. And of course they differ in effectiveness. Serif specializes on single targets and also has full stars on defense, Marilee offers defensive magic and healing spells, Grimm is a fire dragon that deals substantial amount of damage and Alessa is an evasive unicorn that has purifying magic that heals injuries. Their levels can be raised by feeding them different Experience Crystals, at the same time there are other items that raise their individual stats. At level 40, these Eidolons can evolve into much stronger companions, it only requires a few items that can be obtained from regular mobs (which isn’t all that bad since the drop rate is pretty decent in game) or as quest rewards. Aside from their stats, Eidolons can also be equipped with craftable accessories from level 40 and above.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is still at its Open Beta Stage with the max level set to 75. There are three different servers and each has quite a number or channels so there aren’t much lag issues, and one can easily switch channels so they can finish their quests if there are too much people in the other vying for the quest mobs. There are still so many features I haven’t seen in the game myself but so far I really am enjoying the game and I’m quite positive that it is something me and my regular gaming buddies will be playing together for quite some time.

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