Brawl Busters Closed Beta Review

Brawl Busters is the latest team-based, third-person shooter MMO to emerge onto the scene, and lately I’ve had the opportunity to spend a bit of time playing the open beta.  

Going into Brawl Busters for the first time, you’d be forgiven for making the comparison between it and Team Fortress 2. They do have a lot of similarities: a class system, a similar art style and their easy-to-access-hard-to-master gameplay styles; however, it quickly becomes apparent that Brawl Busters definitely holds its own as a great game in itself.
Before getting into the gameplay, the classes available in Brawl Busters include:

Slugger — The slugger wields a bat and can send volleys of baseball to support the team.

Firefighter — Throw up a special barrier with your special attack and support your allies with your flame thrower or grenades.

Rocker — The Rocker (aka. The coolest class ever) wields a guitar as his weapon and can use it for either melee-based attacks or shoot lightning from its tip as support.

Boxer —  The fastest and most rogue-like class in Brawl Busters, the Boxer can ambush enemies with his/her fists and pummel them to oblivion.

Blitzer —  The Blitzer is a heavy-hitting football jock, and acts as the team tank, capable of taking a lot of hits, as well as dishing out some decent frontline damage.

Each of these classes is distinctly unique and players, once having found their dream class will surely have not only their work cut out for them in mastering their class, but players will also a great time doing so. 

As you’d expect in a class and team-based game, there are combinations of classes that excel when paired together and complement each other. This is the marking of a great game, in my opinion, and goes to show the amount of effort that went into the gameplay. At this point in time, class balance is quite stable and if you’re the type of person who likes to change things up a lot, the gameplay itself is accessible enough for game-to-game class switching.
Maps are not huge, but each is designed well, giving each class strategic positions throughout for an optimal gameplay experience.

Multiplayer is not the only mode you can expect to experience in Brawl Busters. There is also a single player mode which, so far, includes various challenge missions which, upon completion, will reward you with experience and BP.  These single player missions also act as learning tools, introducing you to the mechanics of the game and later, helping you master those.

The level of customisation in Brawl Busters is truly impressive, albeit not completely innovative. It a tried-and-tested system whereby players can purchase variations of equipment and weapons (as well as various purely aesthetic items) with BP, a sort of experience/currency you get from playing games. Each item is class-specific and will only be equipped on your character for a limited amount of time, with each item giving your character a buff.

The items you buy for your character really show off the distinct, captivating and—most importantly—fun art style of Brawl Busters. Yes, it very Team Fortress 2, given the cell-shading; however there a certain flair the game has and a certain MMO-scene influence it possesses that keeps each element of the game visually fresh. Although customisation options weren’t as expansive as they will be in the future when I was playing the beta, there were plenty of items and weapons, each with their own style, that I was almost overwhelmed with stylistic choice (Not to mention, starving for more BP!).

Everyone who jumps into the world of Brawl Busters is sure to find something they like about the game, as well as a class that suits them perfectly.
Whether you’re looking for a quick game you can jump into for minutes at a time with your friends or people across the globe and have a friendly, fun time or looking for a competitive team-shooter experience based on personal skill and teamwork, Brawl Busters has you covered.

Brawl Busters is shaping up to be a very well-put-together competitive shooter that promises to set standards in action MMOs.
Jump into the action today!
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