Bullet Run Review

Bullet Run is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Acony Games and published by Sony Online Entertainment. Taking a rather different approach, players take on the role of contestants in a reality TV game show, pitting players against each other in fierce combat.

Contestants battle against each other in either Team Deathmatch or Domination game modes, pitting two teams against each other for fame and fortune. Players are rewarded for fighting with style, the more style you have the more fans and fame you gain. Fame is like experience, the more you have – the cooler the toys you can play with in the next battle.

Having style means gaining heat, killing players or humiliating them with whatever means possible. From manoeuvring your environment a little differently, to utilizing different weapons or special abilities – players will have to use all tools available to gain huge amounts of heat and unlock special abilities that could turn the tide of battle.

Throughout the battle, as players gain more heat they will unlock special abilities to use in battle. This can include things like remote controlled flying bombs, robotic spiders that trap players, artillery strikes, dual-wield pistols, and more. Your weapons, special abilities and even things like taunting players are all customizable – able to switch and change depending on your playstyle and personal preferences.

It’s a fresh twist on the standardized shooters we all play today, and it all takes place on some extremely well-designed maps or arenas as the devs call them. Matches generally max out at 20 players, meaning the battles are much smaller – however due to the arena style of the maps, any more than 10 vs 10 would be far too chaotic. Bullet Run is extremely fast-paced, 20 players feels like 60 sometimes.

While in the middle of fast-paced battles, players will have to think-fast, everything is dangerous, even reloading. Bullet Run features an active reload system, where players can speed up reloading by hitting a notch in a reload wheel, attempting to use this system and failing will slow down reloading.

Contestants can not only customize their abilities, but also their appearance and weapon load outs  Dressing up your character provides bonuses to style, and there’s plenty of ways to give yourself a unique look. Items are purchased on the marketplace for either real currency or virtual currency earned by competing in matches.

Everything from weapons to clothes can be bought, however if you need to spend real money on a weapon then you’d have to have the worst K/D ratio in history – it’s not hard to earn enough to keep yourself fully decked for free. Money purchases are more for convenience for lazy people, however they can’t just go and buy the biggest gun – weapons still have level requirements before they can be used, eliminating any chance of a pay-to-win scenario.

Bullet Run is extremely polished for a shooter, the gunplay is tight and everything about the game feels fantastic. As a hardcore shooter fan I would have to give my complete approval for what is a shining beacon in the gloomy free-to-play shooter genre.

The only thing I could really count as a flaw is the fact that the game only has two game-modes, but that could change and the game has only just released. For what’s currently available, two game modes, an active reload system, six arenas, and an extensive character customization system – it’s a pretty badass shooter that’s available completely free, and it’s already sitting at the top of my list rubbing shoulders with games like WarFace.

Visit the official Bullet Run site to find out more or download Bullet Run on Steam.

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