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Destiny is Bungie’s, the creators of the Halo franchise, newest video game franchise. Being published by Call of Duty maker Activision, Destiny sets to blow the mind of every first person gamer, attempting to bring a console revolution with it. Despite its release on 9th September, and a beta taking place in the summer, not an awful lot is known about the game. But enough about what isn’t known, in this article we’re going to look at what we do know about Bungie’s next trendsetter.

It's a beautiful world.

It’s a beautiful world.

Destiny is a sci-fi, multiplayer, first person shooter set on a destroy Earth. A giant mysterious sphere, called the Traveler, floats above Earth protecting it from a variety of alien threats, and there are a lot of alien threats. Players are required to explore the Earth, or what’s left of it, as well as getting access to their own spaceship (!) which can be used to explore the Moons, Venus and Mars.

There are also five factions, although not an awful lot is known about them. One thing we do know is that there will be some sort of “faction wars”, although once again, what exactly that consists of is unknown.

There are many different races in the game.

There are many different races in the game.

Three races are available to the player. The humans, who are pretty much what one would expect and are the main race of the Earth. The second race is the Exo, who are robot like humanoids who have been inspired by Halo’s own Master Chief. The last race is the ghostly, humanoid, Awoken, who have taken inspiration from ghosts, vampires, and other such out-of-this-world stuff.

Each player, regardless of race or class (we’ll talk about those later), gets access to Ghost, a small customizable AI robot which interacts with various objects in the environment and alerts the player about incoming enemies.

So we’ve got a backstory, but what about the gameplay?

I’d like to think that the game is an MMO version of Borderlands, that is that the game’s loot based and gives players looks of cool toys to play around with. Each gun shouldn’t look the same, or have the same effects/stats (something which is very much so a part of Borderlands gameplay). The game revolves around the player taking on missions, and exploring the outside world, looking for loot and other such goodies.

Destiny is very much so a game about exploration and, from what it appears, continuing the story from exploration. Large buildings and areas look ready for exploration, and in dire need of their mysteries needing to be solved.

Destiny is a sci-fi FPS, with a focus on exploration.

Destiny is a sci-fi FPS, with a focus on exploration.

To help with exploring the world, the player may choose from three different classes.

First up is the Hunter, a class inspired by the Wild West, which has players focusing on using Sniper Rifles, and revolvers. A mix between a traditional sniper and scout class, Hunters focus on power and agility, whilst also scouting out areas with their various “space magic”.

The Warlock is the second class, they focus on using various “space magic” and abilities to beat up their foes. Having weaker armor than the other classes, they need protection. That’s not to say they can’t protect themselves, as they have access to big Area-of-Effects spells and abilities.

The third and final class is the Titan, very much a tanky, frontline, damage dealer. They are thought to bring some support abilities, as well being masters of big weaponry such as rocket launchers, to the fray. If there’s a big battle going on, ten bets are that the Titan is going to be in the middle of it.

The great thing about Destiny is that each class can use any weapon, with the player being able to equip three weapons at a time. There are also five armor slots, as well as a third pattern slot. Unfortunately not a lot is known about the pattern slot.

Now onto the multiplayer aspects of the game. Bungie have been very coy not to refer to the game as an MMORPG, instead insisting that the game is lobby-based, however the lobbies are invisible. This means that you’ll stumble across players in the game world randomly and seamlessly. If you want an example of this, then look to Journey.

There are also dynamic events, events that spawn randomly much like in Guild Wars 2, which players can come together to beat. These events look rare, and don’t seem to occur as much as they do in games such as Guild Wars 2. However, once again this isn’t some large world such as Guild Wars 2, with players suddenly joining your world to participate in the event and then running off afterwards.

Getting together with other players is done through an invisible lobby.

Getting together with other players is done through an invisible lobby.

This sounds like it would interfere with the immersion of the gameplay, however this isn’t the case, as it’s all done in the background. It’s also not like other characters suddenly appear in your world, at least not from the footage we’ve seen, with players joining the world in a smooth manner.

Of course if multiplayer isn’t your thing (why wouldn’t it be?!) then you can play the game solo, which means you won’t have to deal with any other players joining you on your adventures.

For PVP players there is content, however it looks as though the game will have more of a focus on PvE.

So it all sounds great right? Yes, it does! Destiny is coming to Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and then Xbox One. No PC is a bit of a shame, especially considering that the PC is the platform where first person shooter thrive, however it looks as though some sort of port might be coming later on. We haven’t, as far as I’m aware, seen footage of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, so hopefully that isn’t something which needs to be worried about. One would hope.

That’s about it, when we hear more about Bungies’ next generation first person shooter, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, keep dreaming.

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