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The never ending search for the ultimate companion in Dragon’s Prophet proves to be quite an impossible task for the game’s huge population of aspiring tamers. Naturally, everyone will go after the epic ones but it is also understandable that without the variety of supposedly “lesser” or normal dragons adventurers have met and acquired along the way, they won’t get anywhere near the more fearsome beasts, much less be of any challenge against them. Hence the privilege of adding them to the collection will be nothing more than impossible.

Dragon's Prophet

Sound the alarm! Dragons are here!

Dragons do more than carry you around on their backs, they are also your strongest ally in combat. They don’t only support their masters with different skills and abilities to fend off enemies, they also provide invigorating support like heals and buffs. If that isn’t enough, they also provide a huge helping hand (claw?) in terms of farming basic to special materials that that can be used in different forms of crafting through the Dragon Lair. They can gather other items aside from crafting materials like the Dragon Flute. This item comes in different qualities, it allows a character to summon other greater dragons that can be tamed. Dragon Flutes or Draconic Flutes obtained via the Dragon Lair can be used at the Draconic Sanctuary which is only available if a player belongs to level 3 guild with access to sanctuary.

Catching Your First Dragon

Your first encounter of a tamable dragon will be right at the gates of newbie town, you will be given a task to capture one. If you managed to give it a go and tame more than one dragon, then I believe you realized how each of them has a different set of skills even if they are of the same kind. You’ll want more than one companion even as a newbie adventurer, ones that are capable of fighting and giving supportive heals and buffs specially since they can only stay for barely four to five minutes and requires a cool down before they can be re-summoned. There will be some of them possessing certain supportive abilities that can be dragged to your character’s shortcut bar and are usable even if the dragon that owns the skill(s) isn’t the one currently summoned.

Dragon's Prophet

After I catch you, I will name you Charizard!

Acquiring the dragons capable of serving you decently along your first set of quests will take some time to collect and will require several taming attempts along with a considerable amount of patience since it will eventually be well worth it once you have the ones you want in your stable. You can collect up to four dragons as a newbie, two can be kept in your Dragon Stable which will serve as active dragons that tags along and alternately summoned on your journey, and another two can be kept at the Dragon Lair via the Lair Manager NPC which can be found in different towns, cities and camps all over the map.

The dragons kept at the Lair Manager won’t just be sitting there rotting away. These reserved dragons are also quite capable in terms of having the set of skills that you require. And as I have mentioned earlier, you can have them gather usable materials for crafting and other items like the Draconic Flute that can be used to summon other dragons for taming. Aside from gathering, you can also train them in there, farm experience, raise their stats, add other skills at the same time remove those that you don’t want. And once they are stronger and more capable, you can swap them with the dragons kept in the stable and give them their turn to train.

Types of Dragons

I mentioned earlier how there are four different types of dragons in terms of how they can move around. They all have unique factors and advantages whilst belonging to a specific type specially in terms of affection in combat and particular set of skills.

Flying Dragons governs the skies and perhaps provides safest way to travel since they can get you past a crowd of enemies with no sweat. One thing I did notice is how they are mostly magical types and you’ll definitely want one that has healing skills. Their damage is more than decent, provided with the proper equipment and other tweaks in terms of stats, since it is only natural to assume they can be a bit vulnerable to physical damage, your flying dragon can be quite a keeper.

Gliding Dragons I am not sure if this one shouldn’t really be separately categorized from Air or Flying Dragons since their difference may be quite small, but it is significant enough to sort them here. They can somehow fly around by gliding, hence the name. I guess you can also call them somewhat of a hybrid breed between Flying and Land dragons since they do crawl on all fours when on land using their wings like a front set of legs.

Dragon's Prophet

I want to be, the very best. Like no one ever was.

Land Dragons are perhaps the ones I prefer using in combat the most. Not only because natural tanking breeds belong into this particular group, but also because they can inflict greater and faster damage compared to the rest. You can also include the fact that the supportive skills they possess in particular are all to raise attacks and strength. It will do you well to include both flying and land type dragons into your stable, since together they will provide you with both healing and other combat boosting buffs which are absolutely necessary for both you and your dragons’ survival.

Water or Aquatic Dragons are perhaps the most unusual for me, even more unusual than the Land Dragons. Water Dragons look like crocodiles, although I do wish there was one that looked either like a shark or a dolphin. Anyways, how are water dragons unique? It is a fact that a player’s movements on and underwater are definitely limited, having an aquatic dragon at your disposal gives you that particular combat and movement advantage underwater.

The Ancient Ones

Ancient Dragons are the rarest, holding the features of how we all imagined dragons would look like; having four legs and two wings, towering above everything else on land and darkening the skies when they soar. Whilst the rest of them have two legs and two wings for flying and gliding dragons, and four legs for land and water type dragons. A player that manages to capture an ancient will be granted a special title based on what kind of Ancient Dragon he or she managed to tame.

Dragon's Prophet

Ancient Dragons are not to be confused with Dinosaurs with wings.

While some of them can be bought off the cash shop (which is really and honestly dislikeable), others can be summoned through a Dragon Flute as I have mentioned a few times earlier on this article. Draconic Flutes do come in different qualities depending on a guild’s technology level, this is of course assuming that most players (if not all) in the game belongs to one. This simply means that a guild’s technology level increases the chance of obtaining better flutes that can be used to summon different Ancient Dragons.

Once summoned, the dragon will only stay for no longer than three minutes. Players have to take note that these dragons will not be so easily caught or tamed, so be sure that you are strong enough to capture it or otherwise it will be a waste of an absolutely good flute. But once tamed, the dragon will be the same level as its master.

It is an unfortunate thing how some of these ancients are really easy to obtain through purchase. Thinking about it will make you realize that it takes out a huge factor off the whole game when the game itself is all about being able obtain these majestic beasts by jumping off to a supposedly grand adventure, to use the help of other dragons encountered along the way, understanding how to use them to your every advantage, competing with other aspiring dragon tamers in locating the strongest and most fierce of these creatures in all of the land, and finally conquering them. I believe that was the whole point and practically the summarized idea of how the game was introduced and advertised. So why sell them? They are more than free to sell other stuff but why include rare, and if I may add to the description, exclusive dragons and making them available for only a limited time through cash shop. I am sure many other people think that this is a tad bit disappointing.

Dragon's Prophet

Say hello to Scrappy, my pet dragon. I bought him in a shop.

But fear not, apparently even if these dragons are quite visually impressive, normal dragons are still (seemingly) more suited for battle. I may be wrong since I only possess a single ancient and a few not so rare dragons which does not really qualify me to make a full and confident assumption on the matter. But this is also because I do want to capture them myself if I could or wither away trying, rather than buying them in a shop. Like I said, the whole point of the game is to get stronger, locate these dragons and capture them. The game in general is fun, especially if you belong to a capable guild that will always tag you along for the hunt, but the factors that makes the game somewhat discouraging is hard to ignore.

If you wish to find out more, do check out Dragon’s Prophet EU here. Yes, me and my cronies migrated to EU server and played there for quite a while although we did try out Dragon’s Prophet US server which you can find here. Why change servers? I guess you can say we found DP Europe livelier compared to US. The more people to interact with the better. It’s more fun that way.

Despite some issues, Dragon’s Prophet is a must try game. It does carry that potential to be a really good game and I sure hope the publishers will address and eventually resolve the issues concerning their respective servers, but still, I suggest you do try it out!

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